This is a compilation of the things I use daily and love, and want to share with my community.

I am not being paid by any of these companies; but if I am, I will be sure to note which of the listed products I receive commission.

*Some links listed are my personal referral codes, which in most cases means the company will send me credit towards my next order. This does not mean I am being paid by these companies; I am just using the referral codes they offer to their customers upon signing up. I am only sharing the companies and services that I use often and think you will benefit from also.*

Skin and body Care



If you've been following me on Instagram or are a patient of mine, you know how much of an advocate I am of electrolytes. They are great to help prolong fasting, improve recovery after a workout, and to maintain proper hydration throughout the day.  I use LMNT Electrolytes daily because it's a zero sugar electrolyte that supplies you with adequate amounts of sodium, magnesium, and potassium.

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pantry items

Many of you are familiar with Thrive Market; however, I want to tell you why I use it almost every month. Thrive Market is a great way to find healthy snacks that my local grocery store does not have and I am able to purchase all my pantry staples like pastas, rice, flours, and oils at an affordable price. Thrive Market also has a wonderful variety of cleaning supplies that do not have the nasty chemicals.

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I love a good podcast! I listen to a variety of genres spanning from health-focused to true-crime to current events and comedy. These podcasts keep me company while working out at the gym, cooking, or cruising in my car.

Happy listening!

Health-Focused Podcasts:

Personal Development:

Comedy / Current Events:

True-Crime / History:

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